Text 24 Jun feelings

do any of you ever get the feeling that things are at their worst and its never, ever going to get better? because goddamit if theirs one thing the brains of adolescent kids love doing its fucking with their biochemistry and making the highs of emotion like riding a motherfucking rollercoaster and making you feel infinite, and the lows just making you hurt so bad you just want to curl up and cry. and then there are the times that it just makes you feel so empty, so hollow, that you just cannot make yourself care. 

and yknow what, love may just be chemical reactions in your head but i dont care. because sometimes you cant think about how meaningless it all is, how some people have it worse and that your problems are insignificant compared to theres. Sometimes, you just need to let your emotions possess you so completely that not only is it the worst feeling ever, its also the best feeling ever. because right now, im feeling sorrow the likes of which i havnt felt before, but yknow what? its better than feeling nothing. 

but at the same time its not. 

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